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Bruna Čičin-Šain

Tiho (quiet)

Tiho (quiet)

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Artist: Bruna Čičin-Šain
Collection: Zagreb Windows
Style: Digital
Size: 297x420mm
Material: Giclée on Hahnemühle Photo Rag

Zagreb Windows

"The collection is inspired by moments from the city of Zagreb and Vodice where I live. The main motive are windows which i want to symbolize different places and atmospheres that evoke some feelings. I like the idea of space and how it affects us, but I try to add a bit of a surreal vibe. Also, the overlapping grainess and textures give an effect of depth which makes the paintings look less digitally clean. Inspirations and influence for working comes from many sides, graphic and pop art, various illustrators and photography. These illusrations are depictions of pictures from life collaged together into a colorful world on canvas."


Bruna Čičin-Šain

"My name is Bruna, I am a visual communications student in School of design in Zagreb, Croatia. Throughout college I have gained more experience and practice in fields such as design, illustraton, graphic tehniques, animation etc. But I have always been in love with painting and illustration and I want to do more of it. Much of the inspiration for my works is found in everyday life, places and people, interesting lightning or sounds, so I try to translate it into a sketch or an illustration. Other than art & design, I spend my time in nature mountain biking, which is a good way to let go and have some fresh ideas and thoughts. My style of work varies from time to time but mostly I try to incorporate hand drawn pieces and a more graphic feeling into design work."


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