Collection: Agencies Factory

Agencies Factory is our creative outlet where we release handcrafted pieces which are limited in circulation. Agencies Factory items are often 1/1 cut and sew garments or accessories, all of our products are assembled in our studio in Germany.

We often use vintage garments, second hand fabrics from older collections and other upcycled materials to actively waste as little resources as possible. Agencies Factory is laying new blueprints for 1/1 fashion, aiming to skip mass production where each capsule is limited/unique and will stay limited/unique. This means we take care of each factory piece and hand wash each garment and screenprint them in our German based studio, also by hand.

Our imprint is categorised in two concepts: Agencies Factory and Deconstructed Beliefs.

With Agencies Factory we produce hand screenprinted garments, which results in 1:1 fashion because of the variation in placement of prints and fades. With these pieces we like to showcase our interests like art, music and culture. Besides our 1:1 work, we also like to work on bigger collections. These collections are easier to get your hands on and produced with care so we can provide the best quality.

With Deconstructed Beliefs we work on garments where every piece is unique in its own. These are items sewn by hand, often inspired by the traditional Japanese craft called Sashiko. By utilising Sashiko, we repair (and customise) clothes in a decorative way, using patterns and scrap material like previous collections, vintage clothes or second hand pieces, resulting in Boro. Some of these items are available through our webshop without any commission, but it is possible to contact us if you like your own garment with wishes of your own.