Collection: Studio Moonbow

A rainbow made through moonlight – at Studio Moonbow we aim to bring together the versatility of the rainbow with the liberation of the night*. Our products are unisex and inclusive, varying in size from XS to XXL. And just like a rainbow, they come in a range of colors.

Studio Moonbow was founded by Tessa Swinkels in 2023 and merges the worlds of leather fetishists and fashion. These accessories don’t limit themselves to just one space – they belong in the bedroom just as much as they do in a nightclub.

Designed and handmade by ourselves in our studio in Amsterdam, our products are created exclusively with high-quality Italian leather. To minimize our footprint, we only work within Europe. And, because we believe in shopping consciously, our collection is non-seasonal.

*But don’t be shy to wear our harnesses in daylight. This world can use a little edge, don’t you think?