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Uniq Fake

"MUTE" T-Shirt

"MUTE" T-Shirt

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100% Organic fairtrade cotton.

Substainable streetwear with Plastisol screen printed "MUTE" artwork by UNIQ FAKE.

Uniq Fake’s expressive drawing is a tool in her process towards self-understanding, improvement, and enlightenment. With the aim of becoming the best version of herself, she draws to understand her deeper feelings. Аrtistic expression helps her communicate and improve on her core values: Authenticity, Freedom & Self Control.

Art has always been an important part of Uniq Fake’s life since the age of 5, but she was born towards the beginning of the Croatian War of Independence when most families encouraged technical professions. Growing up in a conservative family, Uniq Fake had resistance in admitting to being an artist. She tried every other profession, but art was the only thing she felt a real passion for.

At the beginning of her adulthood, she met a Hindu teacher who directed her to a religious commune in the Ardennes, Belgium, where her spiritual journey began. She then delved into Hinduism in India and later practiced yoga in Indonesia. It was this journey that helped her realize the significance of art as her passion, so she returned to Benelux, Netherlands, to continue her artistic development.

Art as a healing process and exploration of the feminine self

Uniq Fake’s work was never intended to be displayed. Within her art, she explores the dark feminine shadows of her persona, the consuming feelings of jealousy, anger, and not being able to communicate or express oneself. 

The artist describes herself as a “self-improvement junkie” and putting ink on paper, which later evolved into putting ink on skin, was part of her healing method. The different nuances of the dark feminine self are captured in the two collections “What do you hope for?” and “Is it worth it?” They capture bold characters that express raw emotions. The imagery heavily relies on symbolism to communicate feelings. 

Collection I:  What do you hope for?

In moments of pain, people seek a way to accelerate the understanding and healing of their bleeding hearts. Some may even try to summon gods and goddesses from above and below to try to feel better. However, once this pain becomes reacquiring, one learns that nothing is going to help speed up the process, so they are just left with the hope that love is endless and doesn’t run out. What do you hope for? 

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