Disco strangler pants

Disco strangler pants

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“The original sample for the disco strangler pants. Made from an odd poly/cotton fabric. Contrast red stitching and double zipper on the front”

- Ledgebound


As with all Ledgebound products, each item is one of a kind.

"I am Ledgebound, a tailor, artist and annoying prick. I've been making clothes for 4-5 years now, after studying game-art, tailoring and fashion design. During my studies I have practiced and experimented with clothes, prints, fabrics and all other medium, only to really 'launch' my brand earlier this year. My inspirations are all over the place and it really boils down to everything I see, hear, feel or otherwise experience. Some may call it punk but I feel like that's a very limiting view of the world I'm creating around my brand. Though it is definitely anarchistic and progressive."

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