Radion Spring Market Recap

Radion Spring Market Recap

By Cenia Zitter.

Last week, Gast Art! had the honour of participating in Radion’s annual Spring Market, setting up a miniature version of the gallery in a cosy corner, and presenting some of our favourite pieces to estimated peers, enthusiastic friends, and curious newbies.

After the initial troubles of weak time management and practical organisation – which is not too uncommon if you know Laurie and Taisei – we had time to relax, have a look around and talk to the most interesting people.

Although the sales that day were rather feeble (aka non-existent), the fun we had was all the bigger!

However, as a small business ourselves, we had no other choice than to show solidarity and support, and so we made some red numbers that day by purchasing a few items that we just couldn’t leave behind.

The outfits were a great source of inspiration and made us excited and giddy, it felt a bit like Christmas, but more punk of course.

We quickly started talking to the lovely people selling their vintage items at the stall next to us, once again, falling in love with their sense of fashion and feeling a little heartbroken once they left.

In the end even the broken mirror that didn’t survive the journey to Radion – don’t blame the poor Uber driver please, he was nice - looked intentionally artsy and acted as a fun eyecatcher.

Visitors were impressed by the craftsmanship of the presented pieces and the relatability of the shop’s story, which was all the approval we needed. The event enabled us to mingle and network among people with unique taste and a genuine interest to come by the gallery “soon”.

It gave us the strong feeling that Gast Art! is going in the right direction and made our celebratory night out at Radion afterwards even better.

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