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Daumantas Ercmonas



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"Jetpack" - Penguin Series 


Acrylic on Cotton Canvas 

With "Jetpack", Daumie explores abstract background techniques with recongisable figurative subjects. He depicts a explorative penguin, doing activities that isn't normal for him.

As well as the obvious comedy, this collection explores the boundaries of expectations and encourages the viewer to be more open minded when judging someones appearance.


About the Artist

Daumantas Ercmonas is a contemporary artist, painter, living and working in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2017.

Daumantas was born in 1992, Vilnius, Lithuania. Before the build up of his career as an artist in Amsterdam, Daumantas worked as a sports teacher as well as he was an active martial arts fighter back in his home country. He participated in European & World amateur kickboxing championships and worked as a qualified martial arts instructor.

The move to Amsterdam changed Daumantas life in many aspects. He began discovering local museums and art galleries for which he would have not had interest before and suddenly found his own passion for art and started to practice painting. The mix between the Dutch culture and native Eastern European has an interesting influence on the formation of Daumantas personality & characteristics as an artist along with his deep curiosity for philosophy and religion. Daumantas jumped from buying boxing gloves, to painting brushes and large size canvases. He became a disciplined fighter who studying the letters of Van Gogh and walking around the Rijksmuseum seeking for inspiration. Daumantas style is changing every day. It is difficult to catch up with what the artist might come up with next.


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