Collection: Tri Clothing

TRI was born in 2021 out of a lifetime ambition to offer high quality alternative fashion that lasts to people who have an affinity for dance music, because at TRI we also love everything of the electronic music variety.

After moving to the Netherlands from the UK three years ago and finally having settled into living in a new country, Amsterdam always seemed to be the perfect place to realise this dream. So everything we do will always be based around Amsterdam as this is our base, such as our music page, but we also want to connect to people worldwide.

The name TRI was born out of three core characteristics that revolve around everything we do:


We offer alternative, high quality clothing that makes you feel confident. We do this through carefully selecting high quality brands that fit our vision.


We connect you to you to like minded people of the dancefloor that share an interest in fashion and music.


We only provide clothing that lasts, in ways that are considerate towards the environment. Everything we do is with the aim of helping to change the environmental impact that the current fashion industry model is not.

Whilst we are new in the fashion world, we have very high ambitions and we are always interested in speaking to people to explore new avenues and ways of improving how we do things.